The Truth About the Anti Wrinkle Pillow and Sleep

2014 has actually been a cutting edge year in the anti-aging world with brand-new developments all the time based upon newer more advanced professional studies.

The amount of sleep we get does have a direct impact on proper body functions with regards to cell regeneration and this can be seen visually more and more as we age so sleep is very important when it comes to steps you can take when it comes to anti aging.

Problems with The Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Sleeping on the side

Causing Wrinkles

It had not been too long ago that the so called, “anti wrinkle pillow” was selling off the shelves as everybody wished to avoid wrinkles while they slept. Exactly what most people didn’t recognize is that to correctly use the pillow you have to be on your side and now new studies have actually found that sleeping on your back works better.

It’s true that tiredness triggered by lack of sleep has a direct influence on premature wrinkles but the position of your face in the pillow does too and this is why the “anti wrinkle pillow” was such a hit as it enabled less stress on face skin while sleeping on your side, so it was thought.

Based upon more recent clinical research studies that are presently still underway and completed research up to this point in time, below are simple at home tips for sleeping better and reversing stress resulting in early aging.

Change Your Sleeping Position

New Sleep Positions

New Sleep Positions

New research studies show that the secret to a wonderful anti-aging sleep is to sleep on your back as much as possible, although those suffering with sleep apnea could find this more difficult. Basically it’s the squashing of your face on the pillow that contribute to unwanted wrinkles so by keeping your head more upward can help avoid them.

An additional benefit is that in this position it can also decrease any pain from heartburn, because gravity will naturally push your diaphragm downward, and expand your rib cage to enable better breathing.

As of today more recent sleep researches showed that sleeping on your side can result in spine misalignment; by keeping a more natural position at night with you back straighter you’ll feel less achy in the morning and you will have kept your face stress to a minimum.

Making this Change to sleeping on your back can be an adjustment initially, but by putting a pillow under your knees and one under your neck, you’ll make the switch in no time. Use an inexpensive wedge pillow or a comfortable down filled pillow that you can mold yourself, positioning the filling out to the pillow’s bottom lower-third for an excellent night’s sleep.

This change alone can make a huge different in preventing wrinkles.

Improving You Sleep Consistency can Effects Aging

Surprisingly, the consistency of your sleep might be more crucial than the variety of hours you sleep. When you keep to a constant sleep regimen, your body’s biorhythms and certain hormones are launched throughout particular phases of sleep. A lack of consistent sleep interrupts the normal release of those hormones, affecting every biological procedure.

This interruption can lead to an increase in inflammatory substances in your blood stream. These very same inflammatory elements damage your skin on a cellular level, causing premature maturing. Make certain to make a sleep schedule and adhere to it, going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day, whether it’s the weekend or a weekday.

To guarantee that you get up at the same time every day, get rid of the alarm clock from the room. And yes, that indicates getting it off your nightstand or even from across the room on your dresser! The lights and just the idea of the clock being in the space interrupt your sleep. Instead, place your alarm clock in the corridor. It offers your subconscious mind the safeguard of making certain you’ll wake up in time, without the constant distraction. Plus, it will make it a lot more challenging to hit the snooze button!

Light Exercise Prior to Bed can Be The Difference

For many years, physicians have actually been mentioning to individuals that any sort of exercise before bed was counteractive to a good night’s sleep. The most current research reveals that nighttime exercise can in fact assist you wind down and decompress. Moderate nighttime activity likewise assists with the decrease in your body temperature, which will assists you in falling asleep much faster.

The Plank Position

The Plank Position

You don’t need to do a complete exercise routine; a quick workout like easy stretching or holding the plank position is a good way to slowly enhance your heart rate without stimulating you too much prior to bed. Every day, you’ll get up fitter and more well rested– a win-win mix for your wellness and a more vibrant look.

Remarkably, the consistency of your sleep might be more crucial than the number of hours you sleep. When you keep to a consistent sleep routine, your body’s biorhythms and specific hormones are launched during specific phases of sleep. A lack of consistent sleep disrupts the regular release of those hormones, affecting every single biological process.

Be sure to make a sleep schedule and stick to it, going to bed and waking up at the very same time every day, whether it’s the weekend or a weekday.

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    The pillow was a waste of money in my opinion. If your body is producing enough ceramides then you don’t need a pillow like this anyways. I suggest taking the supplements instead, at least these seem to be working better for me.

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