Most Phytoceramides Suck on Amazon

Shoppers Beware!

Shoppers Beware!

I was shopping on for Phytoceramides yesterday to see what types they are selling and I could not believe what I was finding out. Many Canadians shop on Amazon and expect to be purchasing top grade products when this is not the case at all.

First of all, did you know that many of the products being sold on (The Canadian site) are from the USA? I tried to buy some phytoceramides and the shipping location is from different states in the USA and the shipping was expensive and would take, in some cases, up to 30 days for delivery. Wow!

Further, I looked a few popular brands like LifeExtension, Maritz Mayer, Mountainbreeze Naturals and few other unfamiliar brands. Here is what I found interesting.

The LifeExtension brand says “Veggie Caps” so I thought it was gluten free, BUT this is not the case at all. Fact is it’s made with “lipowheat” which means it’s derived from wheat. I found this ti be a bit misleading. What’s the point of advertising veggie caps which is great for vegetarians when they cannot take these supplements because of the gluten?

Next the MaritzMayer brand that’s available originates from a United States manufacturer and for any retailed in Canada to import and sell this brand in Canada has to be approved by Health Canada and MaritzMayer is not so I found out in my investigation. So anyone selling oral supplements on has to have these supplements shipped from the US.

I called MaritzMayer directly and they put me in touch with sales right away, lol I was looking for certificates or guarantees the ingredients were pure. After some run around they said they cannot provide anything like this. LOL

It’s tempting to shop online and Amazon these days but you really need to be sure of what your buying.

I contacted the company that sells Phyto350 and they were able to explain and provide me with all the information I needed to ensure their product was actually pure plant based phytoceramides that were gluten FREE! Shipping to Canada was only around 5 days and the product is guaranteed to work within 4 weeks