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5 Important Skin Care Tips Not to Forget

When we think of aging skin is one of the most important part of the body, yet it is frequently the most overlooked one. People tend to eat better and exercise, which are great as well and do everything possible to keep their waist line under control, however when it pertains to skin it’s often thought of last.

Applying serums for skin or lotions on dry elbows is great but they only work skin deep much the same as dabbing on some sun block prior to stepping out into the sun. As far as proper skin care, that’s simply the extent of numerous skin care programs beyond a few scrubs.

Some of the best skin care tips are the simplest if you know what your doing and many times diets and creams just aren’t enough. Consider phytoceramides that restore moisture that is lost with age cause skin to sag and wrinkle.

It is essential you understand that skin requires a little TLC in order to stay healthy, just like other organ you have. Having vital vitamins for healthy skin is among the very best things you can do for your skin. Mentioned below are other vital skin care suggestions to help you support a more youthful and much healthier looking skin:

1. Moisturize

Bear in mind, creams and ointments typically work much better than lotions for individuals with dry skin. Simply slap on some moisturiser after you step out of the shower to lock in all the possible water you skin simply socked in.

2. Exfoliate

You have to know the fact of how dead skin cells emerge on your skin in great deals. This is precisely where facial scrubbing or exfoliants can be found in. They not only blend away the dead skin cells however likewise polish up the remains, leaving it glossy and fresh. You need to see to it you do not overdo with the exfoliator as it can show to be too rough on your skin, scraping it and leaving it damaged. So, just make use of gentle scrubs that are not overly coarse.

3. Healthy Diet plan

Vitamin A on the other hand, helps repairing harmed skin tissues and preserves a healthy skin. Other crucial vitamins for healthy skin include Vitamin C and E, which are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants that clean away complimentary radicals and safeguard the skin from unsafe UV radiations. Discover a diet plan rich in all these vitamins for healthy skin and adhere to it!

Not all your skin care items would be discovered in restroom drawers, as your diet plan too plays a major role in keeping the health of your skin. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to have fresh fruits and veggies, rich in important vitamins for supporting radiant and healthy skin. For example, Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for healthy skin that helps replenish skin and also looks after your nails and hair.

4. Given up All Bad Routines

You require to understand that cigarette smoking slows down the blood circulation from the skin, robbing it from oxygen and other important nutrients, causing a more aged look. Drinking alcohol can once again dehydrate your skin. It has to do with time you quit all your bad practices to take full advantage of the impacts of vitamins for healthy skin.

5. Have Plenty of Water

You might have heard it a thousand times, however water is actually respectable for your skin. Water actually functions as a fountain of youth for your skin as it assists keep the cells hydrated and huge, which can make your wrinkles less noticeable.

Having vital vitamins like E and C for healthy skin is among the very best things you can do for your skin. Not all your skin care items would be discovered in restroom drawers, as your diet plan too plays a major role in keeping the health of your skin. Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for healthy skin that helps replenish skin and also looks after your nails and hair.

Also Phytoceramides that have just been approved by the FDA will work to restore moisture from the inside out instead of the other way around making them more popular!

Vitamin A on the other hand, helps repairing harmed skin tissues and preserves a healthy skin. Other crucial vitamins for healthy skin include Vitamin C and E, which are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants that clean away complimentary radicals and safeguard the skin from unsafe UV radiations.

These simple skin care tips will work wonders for you as you will see!

Most Phytoceramides Suck on Amazon

Shoppers Beware!

Shoppers Beware!

I was shopping on for Phytoceramides yesterday to see what types they are selling and I could not believe what I was finding out. Many Canadians shop on Amazon and expect to be purchasing top grade products when this is not the case at all.

First of all, did you know that many of the products being sold on (The Canadian site) are from the USA? I tried to buy some phytoceramides and the shipping location is from different states in the USA and the shipping was expensive and would take, in some cases, up to 30 days for delivery. Wow!

Further, I looked a few popular brands like LifeExtension, Maritz Mayer, Mountainbreeze Naturals and few other unfamiliar brands. Here is what I found interesting.

The LifeExtension brand says “Veggie Caps” so I thought it was gluten free, BUT this is not the case at all. Fact is it’s made with “lipowheat” which means it’s derived from wheat. I found this ti be a bit misleading. What’s the point of advertising veggie caps which is great for vegetarians when they cannot take these supplements because of the gluten?

Next the MaritzMayer brand that’s available originates from a United States manufacturer and for any retailed in Canada to import and sell this brand in Canada has to be approved by Health Canada and MaritzMayer is not so I found out in my investigation. So anyone selling oral supplements on has to have these supplements shipped from the US.

I called MaritzMayer directly and they put me in touch with sales right away, lol I was looking for certificates or guarantees the ingredients were pure. After some run around they said they cannot provide anything like this. LOL

It’s tempting to shop online and Amazon these days but you really need to be sure of what your buying.

I contacted the company that sells Phyto350 and they were able to explain and provide me with all the information I needed to ensure their product was actually pure plant based phytoceramides that were gluten FREE! Shipping to Canada was only around 5 days and the product is guaranteed to work within 4 weeks

Two Main Contributors to Aging Skin

Your skin is the most primary defense shield that safeguards you from your environment and during your lifetime it will soak up a remarkable amount of abuse. It secures your innards from the sun’s harmful rays, severe cold and hot temperatures, and water not to mention a wide range of aggressive bacteria and viruses that may otherwise kill you or make you extremely sick.

On top of all that abuse, your skin has to repair itself when it withstands harm. It’s constantly recovering little scratches and scrapes and swellings. Paradoxically, the size and familiarity of your skin makes it easy to take for granted and lots of people do.

So possibly it’s not a surprise that although everyone begins life with tight, smooth little skin, all human beings end up looking a bit like raisins. Of course, your habits determine just part of skin degeneration. No matter exactly how mindful you might be, the results of aging constantly take an inescapable toll, materialized in sagging skin, wrinkles, thinning that reveals blemishes that many individuals want to never appear.

Some skin professionals divide skin aging into 2 categories: extrinsic and intrinsic.

Intrinsic describes the results your hereditary makeup will have on your body with regards to aging. Fact is that some people can establish gray hair in their 20s, or even start losing their hair while others are prone to earlier signs of aging in the skin with the appearance of wrinkles.

Extrinsic is the type of aging that refers to external contributors such as sun exposure (UV Rays), the intake of toxins from consuming alcohol or from smoking that can contribute to a significant function in the wear and tear on your skin. These are the conditions that most times we do have control over.

There are two main contributors to Aging Skin

Naturally, no amount of care can prevent the aging process but we can slow it down. There are a few primary reason your skin changes as you age, and almost all have to do with cell regeneration that result in the two main contributors to aging skin.

Dryness is A Big Part of Aging Skin

As you age, your skin will likely become drier as it loses hydration because it cannot hold it in moisture. You might see more skin flakes that detach and fall from your skin, too. That dryness could lead to a lot of awkward itchiness.

This dryness takes place because as your skin loses ceramides which are natural moisturizing amino acids by products which is in part due to a reduction in hormone production. You will also notice that seasonal changes can aggravate dry skin or really cold and windy weather drains your skin’s moisture levels leaving it chapped and raw.

The good news is that although this is a really common issue for older adults, there are new methods to re-hydrate skin to fight dryness. A good-quality moisturizer goes a long way towards relieving dryness, and by using a healthy layer of cream right after a bath, you’ll seal in moisture.

The FDA just approved Phytoceramides supplements that replace the diminishing ceramides we all lose as we age. Their primary function is to bind with skin cells to create a natural seal that holds in moisture giving skin a full or plump look that many people try to achieve through Botox injections.

You might want to consider Revitol anti-aging cream as it’s consider to be the best moisturizer for skin plus it has many key ingredients that reverse the signs of aging in the skin and it works for all skin types.

Some plastic surgeons advise a lotion made with petrolatum or lanolin as there are many different chemicals out there that also might irritate sensitive skin.

It won’t matter what you try, even the best moisturizers or skin creams will not help remove the irritation but you could try very warm water because it has the tendency to strip more oils from your skin than cool water. Likewise, using a nice natural soap is a gentler approach to cleansing the skin and can greatly minimize overall dryness.

Beyond simple moisturizers, a quality vitamin A cream can significantly improve skin condition as it can minimize the rate of collagen breakdown. Collagen is a fibrous protein produced by the body to assists in preserving the skins firmness. A Typical diet that is high in vitamin A would consist of the following,

  • oranges
  • carrots
  • eggs

Also antioxidants and omega-3 are very good for the skin and also have many additional health benefits also.

These types of food will in fact help to reduce dry skin that can become noticeable especially if it starts cracking to a point where it’s easily seen when you look in the mirror. If your skin gets to this point of extreme dryness, be sure to go to a dermatologist for expert care.

Thin Skin is a Leading Sign of Aging

You might have seen that some older individuals have skin so thin that it practically appears translucent. It’s not simply your creativity. As you age, your skin really does end up being thinner, revealing even more blood vessels and other internal structures that younger, thicker skin conceals.

In some communities, proof of extremely thin skin is easy to identify. You could have observed a high number of residents sporting bandages to cover healing sores if you’ve ever visited a nursing home. In numerous older people, skin ends up being extremely thin, to the point where it really appears fragile and practically papery. It’s as delicate as it looks.

Thinning occurs partly since your skin loses a few of the fatty layer that lies below the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of skin. Less fat means less cushioning, and when ceramides stop holding in moisture then your skin can be very easily damaged. Slower skin cell regrowth is another major reason for thinning.

Some people appear to have a hereditary predisposition to especially thin skin. Other people experience health troubles certain to the skin that leave it thinner than regular. More contributors would be certain medicines, to be more specific corticosteroids (steroid hormones) used over extended periods of time, can result in weak, skin, too.
Sun exposure, which is the cause of lots of skin issues, breaks down collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. Applying skin moisturizer routinely will likewise assist keep your skin healthy and could help minimize thinning.

How Anti-Aging Creams Work in the Skin

As we age, our bodies are placed through a multitude of changes. These changes can affect many different areas of our body, but the area that is most effected is our skin so we have to understand our skin first then learn how anti-aging creams work.

Over time, our skin loses the natural component that causes the elasticity and wrinkle free appearance of our youth. Gravity also plays an important part in the aging process because there is constant pressure pulling on it and only the best anti-aging creams address this problem along with wrinkles.

Skin Layers

Skin Layers

Our skin is an extremely complex portion of our body. Just the outer layer, the epidermis, alone is comprised of 5 distinct layers and overall, the skin is comprised of three layers and is the largest organ of the body.

The thickness of the epidermis varies depending on location. For example, the epidermis is thickest on the palms and soles of the feet.

The dermis is the second layer of the skin and is the most common layer to be effected by the signs of aging. It is responsible for the skin’s collection of collagen, elastic tissue and resticular fibers. The dermis is made up of two layers, the upper layer being made up of thin collagen fibers and the lower layer being made up of thick collagen fibers.

The dermis contains many elements of our skin. For example, the skin follicles are located in this layer as well as the sweat glands, blood vessels, and nerves. Many factors can affect the way that our dermis ages.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation, excess alcohol and drug use, tobacco abuse, and pollution are all ways that help the skin to age more quickly. Many of these elements are things that we each are introduced to on a daily basis, but can also be avoided with the proper preparation.

Using Anti-Aging Creams

Applying Anti-aging creams

Applying Anti-aging creams

One way to reduce the signs of aging is with the proper use of anti-aging creams. One of the major areas that anti-aging creams spend their focus is on the production of collagen.

Collagen is extremely important for the appearance of younger, healthier skin and is produced by the body naturally.

However, as we age our body produces far less collagen than before and will eventually leave our skin loose and wrinkly.

By increasing the body’s natural collagen production, the skin will appear thick and supple.

Collagen loss also affects the bones of the body as well and can even lead to changes in the shape of the face in extreme situations. Many supplements are available that can help with the production of collagen. Most will help to reduce wrinkles, reverse signs of aging, tighten the skin, plum the skin, and improve the overall elasticity of the skin.

Another element that causes the skin to look older is dryness due to the loss of ceramides. Ceramides are also naturally occurring in the body and reside in as one of the main components of the epidermis. They help to create a protective barrier against water loss, which helps to keep the skin moist and soft. Some anti-aging creams strip ceramides from the skin, which may cause irritation and redness.

In these instances, it is important to replace the ceramides that have been taken away from the skin. The lack of ceramides has been shown to lead to eczema as well as a number of other skin related diseases and issues. The best way to replace ceramides in the skin is by using a topical ointment. However, it is important to select the correct mixture of cholesterols, fatty acids and ceramides in your moisturizers in order to see the best possible results.

In order for you ant-aging creams to work to the best of their abilities, it is important that you apply them correctly. Typically, you will need more than one form of cream in order to see the best results and you should always apply them in a specific order.

There are many creams available and the correct mixture of products depends on your specific skin type. However, the most common are listed below.

Your Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

The Best Treatment In the morning:

1. Apply Body Moisturizer

  • It is best to apply body moisturizer to dampened skin, preferably just after you shower. This will help to lock in the moisture as your skin dries.
  • A marble size amount is perfect for each arm, leg and the torso.

2. Apply a Cleanser

3. Day treatment

4. Eye cream

  • Run a line under your eye about an inch from the corner of your eye and move towards your nose.
  • Blend in well until the cream disappears from sight.

5. Day moisturizer with sunscreen

  • It is important to use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen in order to avoid the harmful effects of ultra violet rays from the sun.
  • Make sure to apply this liberally, it is your skin’s protection against the elements.
  • Be sure to apply to every inch of your skin, including your face and neck.
  • Allow to dry for a couple of minutes before applying makeup.

6. Makeup

The Best Treatment In the evening:

1. Body moisturizer
2. Cleanser
3. Exfoliant
4. Night treatment

  • Wash face before applying your night treatment.
  • For sensitive skin, be sure to dry your face well before applying and wait 2 minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  • These treatments can be irritating to the skin so it is important to not use too much; a pea-size to marble-size is the proper amount to use.

5. Eye cream

6. Night moisturizer

When applied correctly, these products can make your skin look younger than ever before. For best results, apply in the proper order every day. Even if you currently not showing any signs of aging, it is important to establish a skincare routine that will help keep your skin looking its best. Protecting the youth that your skin already shows, is the best way to keep it looking young and healthy for many years to come.


Smooth skin without any flaws

How To Pick a Moisturizer

We are going to help you find the best moisturizer for the face, neck and forehead areas because this is where wrinkles are seen most of the time and we all want to get rid of them.

There are key things to look for when choosing a moisturizer and we have listed them all for you here so that you’ll know what to look for.

To be able to age gracefully without having to go through the pain of injections and surgery is what everyone desires these days, as I’m sure you feel the same way.

Next is to be able to achieve this at a lower cost than every other available means of medical treatments is what’s important to many men and women.

How to choose the best moisturizer

Quick Ingredients To Look For:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – adds strength and flexibility to connective tissue.
  • Matrixyl – creates peptides in the skin and simulates synthesis of collagen.
  • Glycerin – is used to absorb water and attract that water to lower layers of skin.
  • Panthenol – you may know it as Vitamin B5. It helps to infuse water in skin cells.
  • Sodium Pca – it binds moisture to skin cells.

We feel that Revitol anti aging creams are the best moisturizer for the face, neck and forehead areas because they are specially designed to penetrate wrinkles, rejuvenate skin and ensure your skin becomes more firm and radiant in a very short time by adding hydration.

>>>See a full list of Revitol Ingredients HERE<<<

Even as each person’s skin texture and type differs from one another, and the rate at which people’s skin will age varies also. This means that for some men and women their skin will show signs of wrinkles at an earlier age than others.

Aging for some seem to show no signs or very little signs of wrinkles, and there is a reason which I will explain. We all have friends or family members that we have seen that look much older than you? Or some may have looked much younger and fresher than you.

Those people that look much younger than you have skin that seems to defy aging and like most you wished your skin could be just like theirs.

The key to ageless skin is using the best moisturizer for the face, neck and forehead areas. Our skin needs moisture and it holds it in BUT as we age our ceramides levels decrease and these ceramides are vital for smooth young skin.

Now is the time to act and stop wishing for younger looking skin as you can also look like them with the help of Revitol phytoceramides anti aging products.

The amazing results from the use of revitol anti aging products and its low cost makes it people’s number one choice. The product contains different active ingredients that assist in fighting off signs of aging and also get rid of early wrinkles.

Revitol anti aging products are made up of well-balanced ingredients which makes them so effective, non-reactive and non-harmful.

How To Use a Moisturizer for the face, neck and forehead 

The application of this cream is very easy; it includes cleansing and then, drying off the area you intend treating, you can then rub little revitol anti aging on the area.

While it targets the wrinkles on your face, it also firms and lifts your skin. There are no doubts that the best moisturizer for face is revitol anti aging cream. It’s formulated with a series of specifically selected compounds that possesses the ability to repair and enhance your skin.

The presence of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in Revitol anti aging ensures your skin is firm by infusing the cells with moisture, hence, making it the best moisturizer. Hyaluronic Acid has been referred to as the key to youthful skin by many people.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is another active compound in revitol anti aging that diminishes wrinkles, helps to repair your skin that is stressed or fatigued out and it also promotes healthier skin.

Another active ingredient in revitol anti aging that makes it the best anti wrinkle is Argireline.

Argireline works like magic on tension related wrinkles and mechanical lines which are frequently caused by the movement of muscles beneath the skin. It is a perfect ingredient combined with other anti wrinkle ingredients responsible for resurfacing and re-moisturizing the skin.

Matrixyl is a very popular active ingredient that fights against wrinkles with an agent that supports to lift the skin. It restores the appearance of your skin and maintains it.

These combined active ingredients are made within a formula that is natural for your skin, including valuable antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin E that benefit your skin from the inside.

Also included in these natural formulas are Edelweis extract and Evening Primrose oil which takes the edge off the more chemical ingredients that do the volume of the work on your skin. The combination of this blend of extracts, minerals, vitamins and oils ameliorate the skin, helps to tighten it and also alleviate dehydration. This is highly beneficial to those who have wrinkles.

Revitol eye cream is the best wrinkle eye cream that fixes what most other expensive creams cannot. Revitol provides the best eye cream for fine lines treatment by fixing under eye puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

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The appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness caused by the breakdown of capillaries close to the surface of the skin are improved and then fixed. The natural ingredients combined with moisturizing emollients present in the revitol eye cream minimize wrinkles, lighten under eye circles and also lessen under eye puffiness.

The people’s number one choice is revitol because reviews have shown that it is the best anti wrinkle products and also the best under eye wrinkle cream. Revitol is absolutely the one cure that fixes dry skin, aging, wrinkles, lines on the face, neck and forehead.

The Truth About the Anti Wrinkle Pillow and Sleep

2014 has actually been a cutting edge year in the anti-aging world with brand-new developments all the time based upon newer more advanced professional studies.

The amount of sleep we get does have a direct impact on proper body functions with regards to cell regeneration and this can be seen visually more and more as we age so sleep is very important when it comes to steps you can take when it comes to anti aging.

Problems with The Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Sleeping on the side

Causing Wrinkles

It had not been too long ago that the so called, “anti wrinkle pillow” was selling off the shelves as everybody wished to avoid wrinkles while they slept. Exactly what most people didn’t recognize is that to correctly use the pillow you have to be on your side and now new studies have actually found that sleeping on your back works better.

It’s true that tiredness triggered by lack of sleep has a direct influence on premature wrinkles but the position of your face in the pillow does too and this is why the “anti wrinkle pillow” was such a hit as it enabled less stress on face skin while sleeping on your side, so it was thought.

Based upon more recent clinical research studies that are presently still underway and completed research up to this point in time, below are simple at home tips for sleeping better and reversing stress resulting in early aging.

Change Your Sleeping Position

New Sleep Positions

New Sleep Positions

New research studies show that the secret to a wonderful anti-aging sleep is to sleep on your back as much as possible, although those suffering with sleep apnea could find this more difficult. Basically it’s the squashing of your face on the pillow that contribute to unwanted wrinkles so by keeping your head more upward can help avoid them.

An additional benefit is that in this position it can also decrease any pain from heartburn, because gravity will naturally push your diaphragm downward, and expand your rib cage to enable better breathing.

As of today more recent sleep researches showed that sleeping on your side can result in spine misalignment; by keeping a more natural position at night with you back straighter you’ll feel less achy in the morning and you will have kept your face stress to a minimum.

Making this Change to sleeping on your back can be an adjustment initially, but by putting a pillow under your knees and one under your neck, you’ll make the switch in no time. Use an inexpensive wedge pillow or a comfortable down filled pillow that you can mold yourself, positioning the filling out to the pillow’s bottom lower-third for an excellent night’s sleep.

This change alone can make a huge different in preventing wrinkles.

Improving You Sleep Consistency can Effects Aging

Surprisingly, the consistency of your sleep might be more crucial than the variety of hours you sleep. When you keep to a constant sleep regimen, your body’s biorhythms and certain hormones are launched throughout particular phases of sleep. A lack of consistent sleep interrupts the normal release of those hormones, affecting every biological procedure.

This interruption can lead to an increase in inflammatory substances in your blood stream. These very same inflammatory elements damage your skin on a cellular level, causing premature maturing. Make certain to make a sleep schedule and adhere to it, going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day, whether it’s the weekend or a weekday.

To guarantee that you get up at the same time every day, get rid of the alarm clock from the room. And yes, that indicates getting it off your nightstand or even from across the room on your dresser! The lights and just the idea of the clock being in the space interrupt your sleep. Instead, place your alarm clock in the corridor. It offers your subconscious mind the safeguard of making certain you’ll wake up in time, without the constant distraction. Plus, it will make it a lot more challenging to hit the snooze button!

Light Exercise Prior to Bed can Be The Difference

For many years, physicians have actually been mentioning to individuals that any sort of exercise before bed was counteractive to a good night’s sleep. The most current research reveals that nighttime exercise can in fact assist you wind down and decompress. Moderate nighttime activity likewise assists with the decrease in your body temperature, which will assists you in falling asleep much faster.

The Plank Position

The Plank Position

You don’t need to do a complete exercise routine; a quick workout like easy stretching or holding the plank position is a good way to slowly enhance your heart rate without stimulating you too much prior to bed. Every day, you’ll get up fitter and more well rested– a win-win mix for your wellness and a more vibrant look.

Remarkably, the consistency of your sleep might be more crucial than the number of hours you sleep. When you keep to a consistent sleep routine, your body’s biorhythms and specific hormones are launched during specific phases of sleep. A lack of consistent sleep disrupts the regular release of those hormones, affecting every single biological process.

Be sure to make a sleep schedule and stick to it, going to bed and waking up at the very same time every day, whether it’s the weekend or a weekday.