Best Vitamin C Serum to Use With Phytoceramides

It is recommended by plastic surgeons to utilize a Vitamin C Serum in addition to taking the new Phytoceramide supplements and this was because not many anti aging treatments in the form of a topical cream come with supplements like the Revitol Anti-aging treatment and using both can really make a difference, visually.

Plastic Surgeons Recommend Vitamin C Serum With Phytoceramides

Here is a clip of Plastic surgeons recommending that you take the phytoceramide supplements while applying a Vitamin C serum to your face for best results.

We have known for years that a topical vitamin C serum can reduce fine lines and wrinkles in addition to these new supplements? Just like the ceramides in our skin vitamin C is not retained in the skin either as we get older.

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Best Vitamin C for Phytoceramides

Vitamin C was known to be essential to good health and is required for healthy skin and when taken in a supplement it’s a co-factor in at least eight different enzymatic processes including creating collagen and wound healing.

Fact is supplementing with vitamin C might help a little bit, but science has proven that adding topical vitamin C will rejuvenate and repair skin until it appears young and healthy again. Topical vitamin C application could be 20 times more effective at healing damaged skin than supplements could ever be.

The reason topical vitamin C works as an effective anti-wrinkle cream, is that vitamin C is essential to the production of collagen, which is found in your skin. Loading the skin with topical vitamin C to reduce wrinkles helps to build those collagen bonds and bring back elasticity.

It can also be used as a forehead wrinkle cream to get rid of unsightly fine lines above the eyes. Vitamin C serum is great as an anti-wrinkle cream anywhere fine lines and wrinkles are a problem.

Often overlooked, Vitamin C serum also helps to reduce the appearance of age spots. Age spots are damage caused by the sun. When a topical that contains hyaluronic acid is applied, it helps to repair those damaged areas of the skin.

The Best Vitamin C Serum to Use With Pytoceramide supplements

When Matrixyl 3000 came out it was a revolutionary topical vitamin C serum and anti-wrinkle cream tha really changed the way topical treatments work. Collagen production increased by over 200 % in skin when tested on 50 volunteers using randomized trials versus a placebo.

Now, Matrixyl Synthe 6 Vitamin C Serum is the new replacement for Matrixl 3000 and when you use it with Phytoceramide supplements you’ll see results a lot faster than any other non-medical treatment.

Why is Matrixl Synthe 6 Vitamin C Serum better?

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First, it is better, because the delivery of the topical vitamin C is better in Matrixl Synthe 6 Vitamin C Serum due to a revolutionary new delivery system called microencapsulation.

This microencapsulation method is truly unique and is called “Brookosome ACE” which delivers Matrixyl Synthe 6 vitamin C serum in a slow release, so that the topical serum is delivered at exactly the right time.

The Matrixyl Synthe 6 vitamin C serum is not even released from the micro-encapsulation until it reaches the correct position in the dermis layer of the skin. That means that, this new serum remains just as fresh as the day you bought it.

Second Matrixl Synthe 6 vitamin C serum has an additional new ingredient meant to enhance the skin repairing properties.

This new ingredient is a peptide, which stimulates 6 constituents of skin. It increases collagen I that is our base collagen, III the youth collagen, IV the anchoring collagen, and HSP47 that protects against the sun’s rays by 100 % or more.

Hyaluronic acid that helps the skin retain more water is increased 174 % and Fibronectin is increased by 59 %. Laminin 5, which repairs damaged skin, is increased by 75 %.

Matrixl 3000 may have revolutionized topical vitamin C anti-wrinkle creams, but Matrixl Synthe 6 vitamin C serum has taken it to a new level of high technology. By adding a better delivery system this serum has become a high tech weapon against wrinkles and has established itself as the anti-wrinkle cream of the future.

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